at a glance

Are you planning to trade Bitcoins in Romania? Well, here you are…

In order to explain the strengths of this exchange (or rather a trading platform) at the grass root level, I am assuming that you do not know anything about it.

Well, essentially, it happens to be a website where you could trade an array of cryptocurrencies with different buyers available in the pool, from across the World.

Since our comprehensive solution offers a sophisticated platform that you could use efficiently to become a professional trader, we demand email verification, which lays the foremost ground of our security, followed by 2 Factor Authentication.

Once the fiat is enabled, we will make ID verification a mandatory step before you could start trading or exchanging different currencies.

Let us have a look at how our trading platform is different or rather powerful in terms of features.


At a trading platform, it is crucial to have actionable insights. However, the markers for interpreting these insights must be differentiable for all varieties of users to get the best out of them.

Therefore, we offer you an array of technical indicators which are regarded as the best cryptocurrency trading tools in the industry (e.g. different graphs, buttons and display modes in an array of color schemes). These features offer distinctions between functionalities.

For instance, the trading view chart is an entire solution in itself and solves an array of problems faced by regular traders. There are drawing tools embedded as well, which allow the users to create different lines and determine the trends of different currencies in a time frame.

Like all popular exchanges, we also have a section for market orders and limit orders. The first one allows you to sell your cryptocurrencies immediately at the market price being offered. However, in a limit order, the price is specified by the user and the order is executed at the mentioned price (or at a better option). For a buyer, it executes at or below the specified price and for the seller, it executes at or above the price.

We also plan to introduce the stop limit order in the future, once the liquidity demands it. It happens to be an interesting feature as it allows ‘conditional’ trading over the network (conditions are set by the trader(s)). For instance, your ‘locked’ assets will be exchanged in a transaction only if the preset price triggers are met. Once that happens, a stop limit order becomes a market order for the entire exchange peers to trade with.

Multiple currency pairs

Here comes yet another amazing and fascinating feature for regular traders. If you ever have had the experience of trading on an exchange, you must have noticed that you could exchange your currency with practically any available currency listed on that exchange.

As of now, we offer pairs with BTC, ETH and USDT.


Since customer base is the most important factor for our business model, we will add more currency pairs in the near future (after considering your votes).

Customer support

At, we have laid keen emphasis on customer support as we consider it the backbone of our business. Instead of opening up your email client and then sending us an email for support, we have cut down the hassle for you.

All you have to do is log in to your account, hover over your email address (we consider it your username) at the top right corner of the screen and a list will drop down. Now select ‘Tickets’ and you will be navigated to a dedicated page where all your support requests are generated and their status are tracked.


It is just meaningless for a trading platform not to provide a secure wallet for multiple currencies. We had observed this in the industry and therefore, to maximize the potential of our venture, offers secure wallet services for the following currencies (as of now):

1. BTC

2. BCH

3. ETH


5. LTC

6. XRP


Record maintenance

We understand that it is important for you (or at least for the daily traders) to keep track of the influx of different tokens into their account. It does not only allow them to weigh their portfolio, but it’s indeed a robust security measure to catch any discrepancies in the values before the occurrence of a major cybersecurity event.

To facilitate you in that area, we have a dedicated section for a history of trades. We have further divided it up in ‘order history’ and ‘trade history’ for a better visibility and tracking of the trades that were initiated by you.

By looking at the features, it is pretty obvious that stands among the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in Romania, providing reasonable measures for enhancing user-friendliness and security of the traders.