Abdul Sattar Edhi was a man of love and courage. He always worked to help the poor found in his surroundings. Behind all this was the support of his mother who always encouraged him. His mother used to give him money to distribute among the needy persons on Eid. His mother kept his son busy in serving the people. These acts of kindness never made Edhi Sb feel the need of education which he had left. He kept helping the people especially handicapped with all that he could do. He never felt about taking rest or preferring any other thing on that service.

All of us have some surroundings with poor people. We feel care about them but only this is not going to work. We have to take steps to help them. These steps will never go in vain and this is main objective of human societies which most of us have forgot. If God has given something that is His blessing. In this case, God has given us right to help others. I have decided to identify the poor in surrounding and help them according to my resources. I shall always try to fulfill all their needs.


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