Pakistan in those country which are still facing energy shortage. I have been always thinking to contribute in country’s progress by saving energy but I did not take any step. But now, I decided to just start saving energy by turning extra lights off. I am a student at UAF and I live in a hostel. I observed that our hostel gallery has 6 lights in a row and they all keep shining all the day. I turned off 4 lights and did not turn off every 3rd light coming in that row. After that, what do I see? I saw that only 2 lights were enough for that gallery. Likewise, my room has 3 lights and I checked that 1 light was enough to keep on. I and my roommates study at night time. We can keep all lights on while studying but except that there is no use of all lights. In order to save energy, I have decided to turn off extra lights to save energy. I shall also suggest my friends living in other hostels to save energy by doing same. I am sure that these little deed will not go in vain. These actions will definitely have some contribution in our national progress. This will be all that which will make us proud forever. Long live Pakistan.

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