Andela (Nigeria) Boot-camp Day 3: My Experience so far.

It’s been three days of constant reading, learning, implementing, testing, refining and of-course writing. I must say my body has adjusted to this way of life. I don’t need an alarm to wake me in the morning, my body just turns on, there are deadlines to be met each day and this day is no different. I have a better understanding of Git and GitHub now, thanks to reading documentation, following instructions, the internet, my fellow wannabe Andeleans, my overly helpful boot-camp facilitator (Susan), constant seeking of feedback and assessments.

Read binary sort, understood the whole theory but never had the need to implement it till today’s home study task; I actually wrote code to implement binary search. I understand the concept much better now. Had to work with arrays also, and found how how much documentation helps. I’m putting away that temptation to jump in and code before understanding the problem, problem solving is actually easier and straight forward after understanding the problem and reading documentation to see what tools the programming language has to offer you to solve the task. Algorithm before coding, that’s just it.

I can’t remember sitting in front of my PC for such long duration, I have learnt to endure. The frustration that sets in when codes refuse to work seem to have been replaced by a calm mind. I now understand better that the computer is as dumb as the programmer; If my code doesn’t work, I’m the one doing it wrong, so I just need to try smarter instead of getting mad at the computer.

I’ve learnt more than I expected I would in 3 days, may be our brains are the only elastic material with out an elastic limit. I mean, it feels like the human brain defies Hooke’s law. The boot-camp experience is truly one of a kind.

Andela truly is the place of Awesomeness.