Maitri Montessori Conference, Chennai

Attending Maitri conference this weekend in Chennai. Maitri conference is an important annual event in the Indian Montessori movement. The conference has been organized by Indian Montessori Centre. The conference theme this year is Cosmic Task of the Child.

The conference will discuss different stages of development of human child from birth through adulthood, the role of educators, and the kind of environments best suited to each stages.

Times are changing. For the layperson, Montessori is synonymous to preschool. However, there are many schools in India and elsewhere in the world that provide Montessori education till 7th grade. There are even a small number of schools that provide Montessori education till 12th standard as well. This means that there is a slow but steady movement in the direction of a more healthy, non-violent, inclusive, peaceful education happening around the globe as well as in India.

I am very keen to be part of this discussion around different developmental stages and environments and programs for each levels. I intend to learn new thinking, insights and practical steps in following Montessori approach at the middle and high school levels. My friend Chaitanya Yalamanchili is also part of the panel discussion on the topic Planes of Development and Needs of the Child. He did his Montessori Adolescence Training from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the program director of Adolescence Program at Pragnya, a beautiful Montessori school in Hyderabad.

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