Driverless Cars and Work Life — A New Way of Doing Business

When my brother and I would drive from Goodyear to Phoenix in the morning to work on our company, we imagined the world of driverless cars, seriously and satirically.

A world where automation saves time and effort is endlessly appealing. Some of us holdouts actually love driving however, and secretly hope there’s a way to continue to enjoy that in the future.

But a world of transportation that requires no human intervention is fascinating. Both my brother and I have written and read about that future in sci-fi short stories throughout our lives. I called them ‘Trairs’ — as they moved through the air — in a sci-fi novel I wrote in 2000.

Through a practical, everyday lens the inevitability of driverless vehicles will be in one breath convenient and ironically, inconvenient. There are many ways driverless cars will impact our everyday lives, work life in particular.

The work day might actually commence as soon as you get in your car. Conference calls and team meetings can happen before you arrive at the office, and why not if your team is simply sitting in their driverless vehicle en route to work. What better way to maximize time.

Working on a last minute presentation for a large M&A deal, pull it up on your car’s windshield for instant collaboration with your teammate also online… in their car. Have the AR talking faces of all your teammates from their cars right in front of you.

Corporations might even consider issuing employees specific vehicles defined by their grade that offer more tools to do their job while on the road from their car. An entire four-door vehicle that requires only that you sit in it while driving to work — especially if that vehicle is a super-sized SUV — can turn into a utility. The design and purpose of automobiles is destined to change around the autonomous driver.

On your drive to work if your boss pulls up next to you in stopped traffic, she might wave you over to her driverless car to discuss your quarterly review — all before 8 a.m. — while your own car dutifully navigates to the office on its own to take you home later.

Autonomous vehicles have the power to radically change how we work. Instead of wasting time driving, you can now be doing all the things you can do while in the office.

Until the majority of the vehicles on the road are driverless, there is likely to be road conflict between old and new. But one day, when the infrastructure of our cities catches up to machines of the future, it’s not only work life that will be reimagined.

By Anna Zefferys, Founder and CEO, Treatmo, Inc. We’re a team of four creating a better way to shop and sell local and natural food with your phone.

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