Don’t come to the openSUSE.Asia Summit!

Ahmad Saufi Maulana
Oct 10 · 5 min read
an image with geeko at the center I got from telegram group, I don’t know why it is so cute :(
an image with geeko at the center I got from telegram group, I don’t know why it is so cute :(
an image with Geeko at the center I got from a telegram group, I don’t know why it is so cute :(

If you are not ready to feel the joy, excitement, and meet pleasant people! 😃

This is my story to attend openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 — Bali, October 5–6, 5 days ago as a volunteer and of course as a participant.

About openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019

openSUSE.Asia Summit is one of the great events for openSUSE community (i.e., both contributors, and users) in Asia. Those who usually communicate online can get together from all over the world, talk face to face, and have fun. Members of the community will share their most recent knowledge, experiences, and learn FLOSS technologies surrounding openSUSE. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 held at Information Technology Department, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia. (quoted from

So, after a long trip from Malang, one of the cities in East Java, maybe about 15 hours drive to Bali, on Friday 4 October, I finally arrived at a hostel that was quite comfortable called Buffalo Surf Camp.

this is not a sponsor, lol

At exactly 2 PM, after taking a break from a long trip and get lunch, I went straight to the location of the event and finally meet with the other volunteers and local committee and of course getting along with them.

As a member of the runner team from the volunteer, my first task was to deliver food for the other volunteers and local committee, of course, this is a noble task 😆.

One by one my task has been completed, I’m going back to the hostel at 1 AM and feels really exhausted (maybe because a long trip I take), I have no documentation on this Friday before the event was started, I don’t think to take any pictures that day lol.

Summit Day 1

Yay! Finally.

So, here we are, I’m feeling so excited about the event so I’m already at the venue at 7 AM because volunteers were asked to standby at the venue at 7 AM for a briefing before the event began at 9 AM hehe.

The event started with a ceremonial dance from Bali traditional dance Tari Sekar Jagad, I’m not saw the full performance but I already love it when it starts.

And followed by the opening stage with Gerald Pfeifer, CTO @SUSE and a video message from Melissa Di Donato, CEO @SUSE.

Actually, I’m stuck at the main stage (@Aula Suastika) because as a runner, I was assigned to standby here, but as a participant, I really enjoyed the talks (mostly from the keynote speakers, because the place for the keynote speakers to talk is here at the main stage). Now, I’m feeling glad to be stuck at the main stage 😃.

When the coffee break comes, I take a picture with my community (KLiM) members who attend the event as a speakers (Samsul Ma’arif and Sabar Suwarsono) and as a volunteer like me (Aditya Rahman).

of course with the cute geeko!

After so many great talks from the speakers, at night after Summit Day 1 finished, me and all of volunteers, local committee, and the speakers were having a dinner at Mak Jo Resto, Jimbaran.

having an interesting conversation with speakers

And here are the full team of volunteers at Summit Day 1

the green one are the volunteers and the black one are the local committees

And this is the highlight from Summit Day 1

Summit Day 2

When the joy comes to an end.

No, just kidding, it’s even more than that!

Because I must go back to Malang at 7 PM and the Summit Day 2 ends at 5 PM, so I am getting ready to check out from the hostel at 7 AM and bring all of my stuff to the event, it’s so heavy lol.

Summit Day 2 opened by Kukuh Syafaat, and he talked about openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 conference statistic, announcing the winner of the logo competition for the openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019.

I really love the logo, for sure!

At 4 PM, at the Lightning Talk session, Sobha Tyagi presented a proposal about hosting the next openSUSE.Asia Summit 2020 in Faridabad, India.

There’s one interesting thing from the Lightning Talk.
The sign for the speakers to start and stop talking is using Gong!

So many great talks at Summit Day 2 and I got lots of insights from them because now I’m feeling like brainwashed to use more and more open source software than before 😆

And here are the full team of volunteers at Summit Day 2

now we wear the same shirt!

And this is the highlight from Summit Day 2


I can’t describe how I feel when I attend this event, but if you are not ready to feel the joy, the excitement, and meet so many great people from many countries, I would say don’t attend this conference and just stay at your bed on your home.

But, if you do ready.
You have to attend and we have to meet at the next openSUSE.Asia Summit and share our story! 😃

(even after the summits end, I still feel those feelings 😅)

Here are some random photos from the event for you.

speakers, volunteers, participants, and committees
having lunch together with Geeko
me taking a photo with Takeyama-san from Japan openSUSE User Group
me robbing some stickers at the event

If you are curious with more documentation from the event, please take a look at here:

One last thing, I would like to thank all of the committees, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, participants, exhibitors and whoever supported this event. Thank you so much!

Ahmad Saufi Maulana

Written by

openSUSE Tumbleweed User. FOSS Enthusiast wannabe.

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