C.H.R.I.S. Project Proposal

Summary of Research: Bots

There are lot of bots that you can integrate with your slack team. Here are a view popular examples.

Polly makes polling your team easier. Pose a question with a view options and easily see how your team feels

To-do bot lets you assign tasks to you team with priorities and due dates all within your slack channel. Tasks get treated like messages in your team member’s private messages.

Howdy is designed to repeat repetitive tasks for you in slack. Always checking in with your team’s progress? Let Howdy ask the questions and send you a report with the answers

Technology: Slack API

Name: C.H.R.I.S.→ Conversation Happening Right in Slack

Problem: Sometimes talking to clients to figure out what they want design companies to create for them can take up valuable time that could be spent doing more valuable work.

Our Solution → We will be creating a slackbot that can communicate with a client to give an agency/design a picture of what the client wants from the company. The core function of our bot will be to question clients, and record the needs into a spreadsheet for the designer.

Challenges → Solutions:

How to teach Slackbot to know about design principles →

  • Researching programing a knowledge base into slackbots
  • Building a database of design vocabulary

How to teach the slackbot to recognize vague answers →

  • Building a database of common vague answers

How to show users visual examples within slack platform →

  • Researching how slack handles embedded images


Base goal: Slackbot that can talk to a client and figure out what they want in terms of web design. The client will be able to ask simple questions and the bot will be able to respond . This Slackbot can be direct messages or mentioned,

Realistic goal: A slackbot that can understand and talk to clients while compiling client requests. The bot can determine areas of vagueness, and notify the developer in these areas.

Reach goal: Slackbot that can understand vague requests and know to dive deeper. Slackbot that can guess at what a client is trying to say. Example: “It sounds like you might like jumbotrons on you website. Here’s an example of a couple. Is that what you want?”

The Plan:

Over the next several weeks, our team will be doing extensive research on slack bots to figure out how exactly they work and what specific softwares we will be using for our own slackbot. We want to be able to develop a technology that can talk to clients and figure out what the client wants in terms of web design. This will save web developers time by eliminating time they have to spend talking to clients.

After we have a good idea on how bots work, we will begin working on the slack bot. We will also start working on our team’s website as well where we will post all our progress throughout the semester. The majority of the semester will be spent developing this bot, after we have an established product we will begin testing it out. This will allow us to fix anything that goes wrong before slam. The last couple weeks of April will be spent perfecting the bot and getting ready for Slam!


Feb 1 — Feb 14: Gather information on Slackbots. Design wireframe.

Feb 15 — Mar 30: Start building website for the team project and begin to develop Slackbot.

April 1 — April 15: Finish Slackbot and test with different clients, fix anything that goes wrong.

April 16 — April 27: Hammer out final details, practice presentation. Get ready for Slam!

Can’t wait!