The world as we see is at a halt. Coronavirus disease 19 or COVID-19 as we know it, originated from a market in Wuhan China and as today the spread is all over the world. No country is left without the direct-indirect impact.

We are all isolated, disconnected from the world in person, only connected digitally.

Millions of lives are in danger, nobody can stop this viral threat for sure. That’s the kind of viral effect no one wants.

On the other hand, if we think about why it happened? How did it happen? & Where it will end?


A lot of discussions, talks and summits are getting organized on EV Charging space in India and Internationally.

A dream come true, by going electric you save the environment and lots of “buzz words” and confusing government policies on a daily basis.

India as a huge nation is a big market for any car maker to in-cash EV charging with government initiatives, every day a lot of startups I meet are pitching on how unique their solution is vs. the competition.

Most of these startups have developed the same Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) from the same charger manufacturer with…

Inventor of Floppy Disk licensed to IBM. Holds more than 3,000 patents.

I was very excited to be selected by NASSCOM and JETRO(Japan External Trade Organization) to present and exhibit NIMRAY at CEATEC 2018.

When I got the confirmation from JETRO( Japan External Trade Organization) and METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) about my trip to Japan, I was excited to find out more and more about this amazing country and worlds most advanced and peaceful civilization.

As it’s my habit to know each and everything about the country and its history, I begin my research on Japan and amazing people and inventions coming out of Japan from decades.

I was really…

Yes! Every day we see posts, articles, and blogs from all successful people in the world. Do this, develop this habit, learn this skill etc. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I would read all the articles and try to do something which somebody on the other side of our planet told me to.

I would definitely try and copy Elon musk, Nikola Tesla, Richard Branson, Barak Obama and all the people I like from the bottom of my heart. But what is lacking here? Everything seems legit and one should have a role model for them to follow.

No! When you…

India today is fighting with SMOG, Do you remember last time you slept on the roof and saw the sky full of stars? I remember when we were small, we used to sleep on the roof at our grandparent’s village. Seeing Sky full of stars, wondering what is up there, getting a nice sound sleep counting endless stars.

I don’t see that clean sky anymore like all of us 90’s Kids. Gone are the days when our mind was full of imagination and sky full of stars.
I remember seeing falling stars and sky looked like a giant blanket made…

economics for using solar to supply Bitcoin mining operations.

Bitcoin is the hottest topic discussed in 2017, everyone must have heard about Bitcoins by now. During a thought experiment, I jumped into solving problems which are faced by Bitcoin miners, the more they mine they need more powerful GPU and more and more energy.
Every Bitcoin miner knows more mining needs more powerful hardware and it will consume more watts/ hour.
Miners lose a lot of money only paying huge electricity bills. Running your powerful machine 24x7 will ultimately get you Bitcoins but half of it will be used for paying your energy bills.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are…

So Government of India is doing a really good job promoting Startups from all Indian states. It is praised by social networks and paid media as well.
But what are the ground reality?
Are we really living the Great Indian startup dream? To check ground reality and be with other startups I went to IITF.

Hall 18 full of startups, surprisingly there was a huge queue of at least 500 people on the entrance of hall 18 I thought so many people are aware of startups. The country is growing in the right direction.

Happy to see startups from All…

Yes! This is the pollution level for an average person in Delhi. You don’t need to be a smoker to feel this kick, Thanks to Air pollution everyone who lives in Delhi NCR turned into a chain smoker.
As usual, we all will stop going to offices, stop sending children’s to School and wait for Lord Indra for the rain to bring down this killer SMOG.
And this is in the time of 4G, iPhone X and first robot citizen Sophia and people going to Mars and Moon? We can plan to live on Moon & Mars with less possibility of survival…

Yes you read it right! The Shahtoot experiment.

How come one fruit be a part of a social experiment? It’s all depends on what we are looking from it.

I had a Shahtoot tree in my backyard, I was in deep thinking ( brainstorming) that day and kept looking at this old tree full of juicy fat Shahtoot, falling all over the ground with no or “0” value to it.

I thought how come Alphonso-Mango sells at overpriced value and this fruit is associated with zero value.

I climbed on to the tree, collected as many as Shahtoot possible. Washed…

Ajay Singh

Founder Building the First Decentralized Electricity Network Based on Solar Energy & Blockchain. Previously &

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