H1Z1: King of the Kill | (Early Access) Video Game Review

Platform: PC | Client/Service: Steam

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This is going to be a short review.

How is this game still in Early Access? Is this the new DayZ?

Literally, the newest Battle Royale game called “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS” runs 10x better and it has been in Alpha for about 9 months now.

I get 40 FPS in H1Z1 (mostly all low settings), while I get 60–70 in BATTLEGROUNDS (a mix of low and medium settings).

On top of all that FPS crap, you literally implemented cosmetic items via the Steam Marketplace with still being in Early Access.

Really? Daybreak, do you suck that much?

But all aside, this is an arcadey Battle Royale game. Arma 3 mod is realistic and BATTLEGROUNDS is in the middle of Arma 3/H1Z1. Me personally, I would choose BATTLEGROUNDS any day of the week.

Why? Because in this game, 
- Everyone is mostly in cars at end game (which is stupid). 
- Everyone just wants kills, no one is there to survive until end game, which means the last few zones are not challenging at all.
- People LOVE to jump out of cars and shoot you like it’s no problem. 
- Some love sitting in the gas until the last zone and ‘try’ to get an easy win.
- Last but not easy, the horrible bullet travel, hit registrations, running someone over in a car doesn’t kill the player and horrible RNG this game has. To the point where, weapon recoil/patterns are predictable.

All this makes the game unplayable.

In the end, I’m glad you licensed the Battle Royale mode from PLAYERUNKNOWN, he found all your mistakes, downfalls, lack of communication/game updates and made his own game.

My Review Score: 2/10