Playfire, a social network by GreenManGaming (GMG) is shutting down.

Edit (5/5/17): GMG released a Blog, Playfire is dead. —

After users migrated from 1UP to Playfire, Playfire after many years later and promised updates by GMG. Playfire is shutting down.

Where is Playfire going? It’s being converted into a status page integrated with GreenManGaming’s website itself called:, a third party forum like application by muut. Right now, it’s being ‘Beta’ tested by 150 active members of Playfire.

Note: They stated it took them 6 months to create this ‘community page’ and yet one of the community members on Playfire created their own muut page in 10 minutes (

Moderator ‘sariffin’ explains this in her forum post:

Hey Everyone,
We wanted to share an update with you. We are currently transitioning our Playfire community to a new and improved Community forum which will be launched very soon. The reason for this move is to keep up with the new generation of community technology. We have some amazing new features and upgrades coming in, which the old Playfire platform wouldn’t have been able to handle.
In gamer terms, Playfire has gained enough XP and is now levelling up.
The new community is the result of 6 months of work and we really want you to play a part in shaping it. We’re currently working with the mods and our most active Playfire community members to test it out, fix any bugs and get initial feedback. Once this phase is complete, we will launch the new Community in BETA on the new platform to everyone which means it will be available to over 5 million people in 195 countries.
Once we have fully transitioned to the new community platform with all the great new tools and features, we will then take the decision to shut down the current Playfire platform… but watch this space! Naturally the existing Playfire community will of course be given prior notice of this and we hope by then you would have moved on to the new platform.

Here is what the ‘community’ page looks like:

The site lacks originality, it’s unorganized and it just looks plain ugly.

Even though Playfire is shutting down. Playfire still lives on via the Discord Server ( with 200+ members as of today (11/5/16). Where are the people going? People have been migrating from Playfire to ( since this blog post got released by GMG.