Jakarta and Library

Well, there are about 2 (two) big libraries that owned by Indonesian Government in Jakarta. One in Salemba, East of Jakarta, and the other one is in Merdeka Selatan, in front of Monumen National, Center of Jakarta. There is another one that owned by Ministry of Education though, it’s located in South of Jakarta near Senayan. However, all of these library have one thing that similar, that all of them is located in elite and high class area.

In my place, East of Jakarta, near Taman Mini Indonesia Indah(TMII). There are two library that located in TMII. The one that owned by TMII are very small place and collection that they have. And the important thing is to enter TMII, I need to spend about $1 for entering TMII area. That is expensive for me if I need to go to that place everyday -_-a. And the other one is owned by Museu Purna Bhakti Pertiwi. I haven’t visit that library yet. But one thing for sure is that library is dedicated for Soeharto History when He was a President. In conclusion, there is no one library for me to get books that usually only available on these 3 (three) libraries that I have mention earlier.

This story actually a story of my disappointment to government that there is no free public library near my place.

Imagine that you need to use Transjakarta Bus just to go to Library in Salemba when you live around TMII. It’s make me sick, and tired already before touch any book that available there. Not to mention to search the books first from catalogue and ask the Librarian to deliver it. It’s a closed system library after all.

We need more Library around the south-east area of East of Jakarta that easier to reach just by angkot (Massive and Cheap Indonesian Public Transportation) and has lots of good collection for us, to get more knowledge easier and better.

Well, I think that’s all what I want to tell for today.. I’m sorry for my not-so-good-english.. てへ。。^^

See you in the next story..

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