How to overcome stressful situation

Selecting some of the negative things that have happened to you during the last week and then writing a thanks note by finding something positive out of that can give you a peace of mind in stressful situation. Like in my case during the past week, I had experienced certain tough times:

Dear University Bus.

Thanks for being so hurry that I missed you and if I don’t, I shall not enjoy a beautiful ride on my bike.

Dear Hamza,

Thanks for not responding me; otherwise I have to work more on team work activity. :P

Dear Presentation Topic,

Thanks for being miss-understood, I had another chance to work on the project and can improve my presentation skills by presenting yet another time.

Dear Friends,

Thank for cancelling the outing plan, otherwise I cannot enjoy a nice sleep.

Dear Group members,

Thanks for not working on your parts; otherwise I can’t be able to do your work and cannot learn extra.

The experience of writing positive notes was a brilliant one. This is the other side of the coin and you can’t learn and experience the other side if you can’t fail in achieving your goals. This is all the game of mindset. If we start enjoying bad times they shall not remain bad times at all. This is what Kid President was also doing (after having a fracture he was still dancing). So, if your mind set is positive you can explore more. You can learn to handle the un-expected things that may happen to you in your daily life.