Little acts of kindness can do wonders

Little acts of Kindness can do wonders for you. These can change your moods and make you feel happier. Always try to catch these little chances because you can’t imagine how bigger these can be for others. I shall give you my own examples:

I was going to university on my bike. A man asked me for a lift even though he was on a stop where he can find transport or auto after every single minute. I stopped there and gave him the lift. And during the journey I asked him of what he is doing these days and when his stop came, He was very grateful and thankful to me and gave me so many prayers.

Similarly, I was very busy in preparing my project last week and was running short of time. A friend of mine came to me and asks if I can help him in preparing his speech. I stopped my work and prepared his speech for him. He was too very thankful and that encouraged me to work more efficiently. And eventually I too finished my task on time.

So, these were two little example of how kindness can give you inner peace and happiness that can make your whole day a positive and productive one.

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