Multibot-Bringing Real Predictions To The Market

Crypto currencies have come to great dust when they get to light. More people learn about them and enter the world. People try to learn something but also invest in earning.
All this has created a good climate for many crypto startups who strive through innovative projects to compete on the market and thus fill the infrastructure that is currently missing in this cryptoworld. But many people are tormented by a multitude of cryptocurrencies, every day there are dozens of new, and all this becomes difficult to monitor and monitor by various services. It is also very difficult to monitor all stock exchanges and prices, register on the stock exchanges and so on. But now there is a crypto project that will take all these worries away forever.

It’s about the Multibot project, which is also the subject of our story. Multibot seeks to become a decentralized platform to help you interact with all trading services and stock exchanges. Using the SaaS model will bring you many benefits. No installation and strenuous registration, operational all day every day, etc.
By doing so, you will reduce your work that you have to invest and profit from price changes on stock exchanges. Also the additional benefits that the Multibot platform brings is a trader bot that will bring you a nice profit when you adjust it according to your preferences, there is also an analytical panel, as well as arbitrage and the signals and a host of other tools that are absolutely necessary for any serious treasurer. That’s a serious project tells the availability of demo products that you can immediately try on this link: Multibot platform is just the perfect project that the community needs to even more enjoy the world of crypto currency.

Multibot project is the fruit of the team led by Evgeny Sudakov, Alexander Svininykh, Ksenia Svininykh and Roman Bolotov. Beside them there is a lot of other developers, designers, architects and marketing experts who help them in project work. Together they have the knowledge they need to cope with any challenge that comes their way.
Many projects do not have the expertise and a wide range of people as this project has.

The project looks very interesting and here we have given you basic information. We tried to get you closer to this prospective project, but to find out all the information, to the level of details, we recommend looking at the official whitepaper, very detailed and clear to understand you were an expert or beginner in blockchain technologies, which can be found at the following link:

Offer token
A token offering is also planned. You can support the project and thus enable development and in turn get tokens, and so engage in revolutions. You can participate in the toy offer from 20.10. to 26.11. at a cost of $ 1 for one MBT token. There are 25 000 000 tokens in circulation.
You can take part in the token offer at the following link:

Bounty Campaign
You can also take part in so-called bounty programs. This means that you can support a project through social networks, help founders in various translations, write blogs, engage in signature campaigns, etc. For more information, see:
Bitcointalk is where to find out the best information and people about the project, but you can ask questions and people who work on the project are happy to answer or help if needed. Thread with project announcement:

There is nothing left to do but to wish for the people working on the project as well as those who will support it. Multibot brings the real prediction to the crypt valued market and we are sure it will be a complete success, and you do not forget to refer to and through the offer of token to participate in the revolution.

ICO Details

  • What is the Multibot token: The Multibot token a.k.a. the MultiBot platform share, gives the right to participate in the profits of the company. All token holders are entitled to receiving dividends according to their shares. At the end of the ICO, 50%of the company’s profits will be distributed among all sold tokens.
  • Pay out procedure: Every 3 months the profit will be converted and sent to the Ethereum wallet, from which it will be distributed to the wallets of Multibot tokens holders according to the conditions of the smart contract.
  • Reduction: MBT
  • All tokens: 25,000,000 (twenty five million) tokens
  • Regulation: Unsold tokens are burnt
  • Initial value of the token: Fixed — $1

Distribution Of Tokens:

  • 95% will be published to investors
  • 3% for the founders
  • 2% is allocated for promotion


  • +25% From day to 1–2
  • +20% From day to 3–7
  • + 15% for the second week
  • + 10% for the third week
  • + 5% for the fourth week
  • + 0% for the fifth week

Multibot Team

  • Evgeny Sudakov — Development: Over 10 years of experience in control and development automation
  • Alexander Svininykh— Development: Over 10 years of experience in development of solutions for B2P and P2P
  • Ksenia Svininykh — Marketing: Advertising, project promotion and ICO
  • Roman Bolotov — Exchange trading: Over 5 years of experience in successful exchange trading

Bitcointalk Profile: azhar700

Ethereum Address: 0x4f502Fb7AF06c20fB3dcD48C3f7bA869a53F40b8