How to install Jingling on Linux VPS — UBUNTU 14.04 x64

Jingling is traffic exchange software, Many people use to boot website traffic, make money from PTP sites. Jingling is very good but only install on windows, So how to install Jinling on linux vps ??? Here is a question that many people search because the cost of linux vps is much cheaper than windows vps. In this article Azhowto will guide you to install jinling on linux vps.

  • *This guide is made for ubuntu 14.04 x64

Step 1: Install VNC for Ubuntu 14.04 x64

Install PUTTY so you can access the console of the linux vps. Log in as “root” and enter the pass you have from the vps. If you never used linux vps please search google “how to login linux”.

On the console type the lines:

apt-get update

You need to install the Gnome components for our virtual desktop, So type the following command, When prompted type Y and then press [Enter]. This will install the basic gnome desktop components.

apt-get install gnome-core

Install VNC Server, when prompted type Y and press [Enter].

apt-get install vnc4server

Continued type:


You’ll then be prompted to create and verify a new password.

Type the following command to kill the session:

vncserver -kill :1

Now type the following command to open up the file we need to edit:

vim .vnc/xstartup

In Trusty we need to make quite a few changes. So, press the [Insert] key once (this will switch us into “edit” mode) and then edit the script so it ends up looking like this:

You have to enter this 3 lines at the end of the file to make it look like above:

metacity &
gnome-settings-daemon &
gnome-panel &

When you’re done editing the .vnc/xstartup file for your particular version of Ubuntu press the [Esc] key once and type the following:


Next type the following command to create the VNC Session once more:

vncserver -geometry 1024×768

Next, download and install VNC Viewer onto your computer and enter log in to you VPS desktop.

Step 2: Install jingling on Linux VPS

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