How to Get More Freelance Work on Freelance Job Websites

Getting freelance work on websites like Upwork, and Freelancer is quite a challenge. You can still lend a decent gig out of these websites, but how?

Freelancers who are new to these websites mostly end up not getting a project at all, no matter how hard they try.

I know how exactly it feels when you have all the skills in the world, but when you send a proposal to the client, you never heard back from them.

And you keep trying and trying that. After so many rejections you just want to quit. And you should; unless you want to improve.

Freelancing is not easier than any other profession. Sure, it gives your more freedom as a professional working from home, but you have to work and work harder, in order to land a client.

Your freelance career will take time, hard work and dedication to be successful just like any other business or a job.

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What Actually Helped Me Get More Work on Freelance Job Websites?

When I started working as a freelancer I rarely got any jobs. Why? Because:

  • I wasn’t giving enough time and effort.
  • My proposals were needlessly comprehensive.
  • I wasn’t treating myself as a business.
  • I wasn’t reading and improving my business skills.

One thing that helped me tremendously to get more work was improving my understanding of how other freelancers were working.

I started asking questions on groups and forums and read a lot. I learned that every freelancer who earns a good living through freelancing treat themselves as a business rather than a freelancer.

  • They prepare spreadsheets, documents, proposals, to deliver the best experience for their clients.
  • They track their time using tools and software to deliver projects before deadlines.
  • Most importantly, they make clients satisfied. That get them more work from the same clients and referrals in the future.

1- Write Brief Proposals

What? Yeah, you read that right. This advice alone could double your freelancing income in no time. If you don’t believe yet, just give it a try.

Please keep in mind; client’s don’t want to read how great you are at whatever skill you have. They want to know if you can solve their specific problem or not.

If yes, then convince them.

This doesn’t look like a very convincing proposal:

I have 12 years experience of doing blah, blah…

Tell them how this problem can be solved, and ask them to initiate a chat or call (whichever is convenient for you).

2- Never Compete on Price

Some freelancers think this strategy will get them more projects.

Believe me, it simply doesn’t work.

Most likely the client that you got through low-balling would be a nightmare to work with.

What instead you should do:

  • offer great quality service at a reasonable price.
  • Keep your price competitive but not cheap.
  • Make sure that you are getting enough money that justifies your hard work.

3. Ask a Question in every proposal

This helps your client to understand that you read their job specifications and you are genuinely interested in their project.

You would be amazed to know more than half of the people don’t bother to read the client’s specifications at all on these freelance job sites.

(I have hired a few people on these websites as well, so this is based on my personal opinion, but it could vary)

4. Always remember your end goal

Most freelancers think that getting a project should be their end goal but it shouldn’t be.

Because you are pitching to your potential client at this stage, he/she wouldn’t just give you a job once they read your proposal.

Your client would most likely start a conversation with you.

So when writing proposals, make sure that you ask your client a question which leads them to strike a conversation with you.

Having a conversation with client should be your end goal.

When they approach you in inbox, I think it is easier for you to convince them and talk about your skills, their project and anything.

Now, that your client has finally come to your inbox, you should talk about project and show a great deal of interest in their project.

In my opinion you should never brag about 12 years of experience because if they want to know more about you, they would gladly ask or read your profile.

Best of luck!

I hope this article would help you get more freelance work.

Please feel free to add your valuable opinion about what things worked for you and how other freelancers can get more work.

I will add them in this post. So everyone can benefit from them.

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