How to add Alt Text to Existing Shopify Product Images?

ALT text is an HTML attribute. If you are by any chance forgot to add alt text to your Shopify images, then don’t worry. Alt text can be added now! Here’s how:

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What is an Alt Text?

Alt text (Alternative text) is an HTML attribute which usually added to the image.

  • This helps search bots understand images better and properly show them in Google image search.
  • If your site doesn’t load the image to your website visitor, Alt text is usually displayed to that user in place of the image.
  • Alt text is valuable to improve SEO of your Shopify store.

What things to keep in mind when changing alt text?

  • Keep Alt Text descriptive
  • Add information about the actual photo
  • Add keywords to the alt text if possible.
  • Don’t use Alt text in images such as small unmeaningful icons of your store.

So without further ado, let’s look into how actually do we add Alt text to our already existing Shopify photos?

Add Alt Text to Existing Shopify Images

  • First of all, you need to login to your Shopify backend.
  • Now, look for products > click on individual product pages one by one.
  • Scroll down to the section where product images are included.
  • Hover (drag your mouse on the image), and click on “ALT”.
  • It will bring this window
Add Image Alt text here
  • In this new pop up window add your alt text description.

Add Alt text to new images

Whenever you upload new products on your Shopify store make sure to add alt text with your product images.

Alt text is an important part of better user experience and SEO. You can also improve usability for visual imapired users.

Let me know if you find difficult to add alt text or any other important information to your Shopify store.

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