How to Remove Negative Search Results from Google — or Push Down Negative search Results Effectively

Want all the negative search results removed from Google? Negative search results can ruin your online reputation and business.

Removing Negative Search Results

When businesses and brands find a negative search result, they panicked, which is quite a natural thing to do. They immediately hire someone to do negative SEO, which is the worst thing for repairing a damaged reputation. Negative SEO won’t improve your reputation. If you want real results, then you should hire someone to remove and push down the negative search results.

Hiring inexperienced reputation manager can be a big problem. These people use reputation management tactics which are outdated and will make negative story shows up higher in the search.

If you own a website and want it removed completely from Google then check out my new post on how to remove your entire website from Google search.

What is a negative search result?

A page in the search result that is giving negative or false information about a business or an individual. Negative search results can damage Internet reputation of a business or an individual. This will lead to huge revenue loss and sometimes complete bankruptcy of a corporation. Repairing that Internet reputation is called ‘online reputation management’.

How to remove negative search results by contacting webmaster?

Important: If the website is shady extortion based website then never contact the webmaster. They will replicate the content.

This online reputation management strategy rarely works but worth giving it a try.

Negative results can be removed from Google and other search engines. Here’s how:

  • Find and download all the search results from at least 10 pages.
  • Find webmaster’s email. Or use to find the information.
  • Contact a site owner to remove that negative page from their site.

Search result removal strategy has a very low success rate.

That’s why most reputation managers prefer the push-down strategy to get negative information hidden deep down in Google.

Because nearly no one goes to the second page of Google when searching for things.

How to Remove Negative Search Results from Google using DMCA?

Google made it easier for people to request search results removal. But, in most cases, it doesn’t work.

Google only comply with the search results which are a real threat to a person or if it is stealing someone else’s digital work. (AKA copyright infringement)

  • So, if you have a negative search result on your name you can ask Google to remove it by filling this form.
  • Google is strict when it comes to the removal of a search result.
  • So make sure when you are contacting them for search result removal, include as much information about why do you want to get it removed.
  • Also, please keep that in mind if you try to manipulate the DMCA process, Google can take a legal action against you or your company.

If that worked for you, congratulations! If not, don’t worry. There’s still some hope. You can get the negative search result to push down in search results.

How to push down negative search results from google?

1. Create a website

  • Buy a domain name on your brand/business name.
  • Create a website and optimize it for your keyword which is affected by the negative result.
  • Optimize on-page SEO and improve page load speed of your website.
  • Create backlinks (or hire someone) to improve the ranking of your website.

2. Create social media profiles

  • Create social media profiles on your keyword.
  • Interlink all those social media profiles and pages.
  • Make sure that you are using one email to create all this new information.

3. Create web 2.0 blogs

  • Blogs such as Medium,, Blogger, Tumblr and so on.
  • Optimize them for your keyword.
  • Create content on those web 2.0 blogs.
  • Don’t ever mention negative search result (that we want to push down) on any web 2.0 or social profile pages.

4. Write on High Authority Blogs

  • Find out top quality blogs and news websites which are related to your line of work.
  • Pitch them an article idea that you think you are really good at.
  • Get your articles published on your name. If you are also trying to rank your website get a backlink to your website from that article too.

5. Create Powerful Backlinks

  • When you have created positive content, it is time for you to start making them powerful.
  • Create links on high-quality relevant websites and interlink your positive content.
  • This can improve your positive stories ranking in search results, especially in Google.

How to Remove Negative Search Results from other Search Engines?

While it is possible to remove some pages from Google, but the odds of getting it approved are very low.

On the other hand, it is illegal if you falsify DMCA on any search engine. Google, Microsoft, & Yahoo can take legal action against you if you try to purge the results.

To remove information from other major search engines, please follow the given links:

It is best that every business or professional should maintain their online reputation by doing something positive on the Internet.

  • Write high-quality content
  • Promote your brand online
  • Create web properties
  • Manage social media accounts for your business

In short Share your thoughts as much as possible online. It will take lots of time to get satisfactory results, but eventually, it will work.

I hope these suggestions will get you started. If you need help with reputation management and search result removal then feel free to send me a message.