Well other Nations are way behind on their contributions and they have been forcing America to…
Louis Weeks

>Well other Nations are way behind on their contributions

No, they aren’t. There is no “behind”. Contributing 2% of GDP is a guideline not a rule, and has only been a guideline for 3 years.

>and they have been forcing America to cover more,

Wrong. America spends more because it wants to. Furthermore, last year, 22 of 28 NATO members increased their defense budgets. If the U.S. is removed from the equation, the group increased its spending by 3.8% in 2016. Including the U.S., overall spending rose by 2.9%. So it’s the U.S.’s increase that is not keeping up with other nations’ increases.

> also right after Trump first made the point during his campaign several Nations suddenly made payments, lol.

lol indeed.

>Now if his comments are not hitting a sore spot, why did they suddenly start paying?

They’ve always paid, and the increase is not sudden. Again, see the result of the 2014 Summit.

>In my opinion NATO should be disbanded, European Nations have been taking advantage of America to cover all of their military and security needs while they spend all their money on other things like free healthcare.

Wrong. European nations have had to increase spending to take care of all the refugees the U.S. has created with it’s bombing, regime change and terrorist-funding programs.