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  • Raquel Ledezma-Haight

    Raquel Ledezma-Haight

    LA raised + NYC aged. I care about product management, elevating women and POC in tech, podcasts, and baseball.

  • Chenglin Yuan

    Chenglin Yuan

  • Asim Mittal

    Asim Mittal

    Engineer, UX Pro, Builder of cool things :-)

  • Peter Coles

    Peter Coles

    I live in NYC, work at hunch/eBay, I like to make stuff, and I occasionally give high fives.

  • Bradley Dettmer

    Bradley Dettmer

    Non-binary Software Engineer based in NYC

  • Yuri Vishnevsky

    Yuri Vishnevsky

  • Mark C. Webster

    Mark C. Webster

    Voice UI/UX Design, Product, Developer. Founder of @Sayspring (now part of Adobe). Editor of VUI-magazine.com. Prev: Co-founded SideTour (Acq'd by @Groupon).

  • Alicia Salvino

    Alicia Salvino

    UX @ Brave UX, Carnegie Mellon MHCI graduate. I think about design whenever I’m not thinking about food.

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