I’m learning to code (#2) — Quantity leads to quality

Show up and code

As I mentioned in my previous post—Recurse Center is completely self-guided. This was somehow extremely difficult to describe to my mother (love you mom, thanks for reading!) so let’s see if I can do a better job here.

How I’ve spent my days

I’ve picked up and been going through Wes Bos’s incredibly helpful course JavaScript30. Day by day, I’m working through increasingly more complex coding exercises, the goal of which is to challenge myself and learn about a wide variety of types of JavaScript/coding problems. Wes’s course for me is all about breadth.

Image from Techcrunch

How far I’ve come along

Well, here’s the collaborative meeting product I’ve built so far:

At least it has a consistent color palate.


The journey is long, but if this first week was any indication, Recurse is going to be a great experience.

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