From Chaos to complexity to insight and order

If one man (or woman) can do a lot, I would like to take this moment to reflect on making a difference by being spiritually strong at this junction in history.

These times are more difficult spiritually than the Holocaust. The power of evil has never been stronger than now. The people who have told me these things have been through a lot. One of them now 70 shared with me that he was given permission from Heaven to take out Assad’s father’s soul, after that man bragged publicly about his arsenal of biological and chemical weapons which he might use against Israel. Another of them has labored at great personal risk to take 1,100 Jewish souls out of Gehennom (purgatory) to spare them that suffering.

What we hear and read in the so-called news is often light-years from the Truth. The 2 presidential candidates in the US are at each other with below the belt personal insults. Neither of them has the capacity to either create jobs for America nor bring about world peace. So we can go back to the proverb “In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man”.

In the Hebrew language the word “man” has 4 terms: Enosh, Adam, Gever and Ish. Each term expresses a different nuance of being human. “Gever” for example refers to our capacity to rule over ourselves. (see the Yom Yom for the definitions of the 4 terms). The hope is that eventually a human being will become an “Adam” in the sense of resembling His Maker the Creator. “Adameh LeElyon” — I will resemble the most High. This possibility exists for all human beings as they are created in the Divine Likeness, and share with G-d in possessing a creative mind.

If the human mind is where the battle actually takes place between peace and violence, between prosperity and want, between gainful employment and engagement in crime, between a functional happy home with lots of nutritious food, privacy and respect for each member of the family, and effective teamwork towards common goals, then it stands to reason to concentrate our efforts on education and training for using our minds to positive purposes. That is to say the most important job ahead of us is the job of educating the new generation in using their own mind in the most powerful way possible.

The new global curriculum must now be consciousness education, empowering children, adolesecents and adults to take full command of their own mind and its powers. Thinking capacities must be reinforced in children. And since many people still do not have the knowledge with which to raise another human being properly, neighbourhoods and communities must be equipped with state of the art HD (Human Development) resource and training centers.

We cannot afford anymore that young, alienated people lacking a positive direction are recruited into violent movements and then go on to carry out the dirty work of the demagogues. There are far too many such young people who could all potentially become violent. It is about time that we recognized that the biggest missing element in modern society is the provision of IR (Identity Resolution) for children, teenagers and young adults. By the time the youth lacking IR reach adulthood we observe them being in deep trouble. The young housewife, married and with 4 children in a religious neighbourhood who can’t get her life together. The 22 year old immigrant who wants to blow up a residential complex in East Germany. The Palestinian from East Jerusalem who today rammed his car into several people, whose life has been nothing but trouble. The 14 year old school delinquent who 2 days ago tells me he wants to be good and go back to school, then gets arrested with his friend for arson in a neighbourhood school.

Does the pattern become clearer? All these are people whom noone developed, who are left to their own devices and who are floundering terribly. and causing damage to others in the environment. It is no longer good enough to march a child through school K-12 and expect that he will come out a powerful human being well equipped for the journey of life. We have to teach LIFE SKILLS to todays children. If we fail to teach vital life skills like conflict resolution, IR (Identity Resolution), meditation, self-organization, team work and community involvement to our youth (no matter what denomination) and we don’t provide them with a powerful inspiration as to what exactly is their place in our society, then we end up loosing our youth to drugs, to the Internet, to promiscouity, to violence and to depression. No human being can thrive unless there is purpose and meaning to his life, and unless there is love.

We must reform our schooling, and also take the steps to outlaw war and violence, and arms production. 4 Trillion USD spent on war in the US in the last decade are needed to build up families and communities, and to build the GTIIU (Global Technological Information Infrastructure Utility) that will get 500 million commuters off the road, present in their homes, and empowered to both be trained and train in turn in sustenable consciousness, the missing element in the world today, that actualizes our potential for becoming like our Creator.

Please feel free to in touch at “” to share your thoughts with me and hang in there, we are going to get a better system build and will soon launch our Fall March of Dimes to eradicate violence and hatred from our global society. For 500,000 bucks we can lauch the local start-up, and provide content in 9 languages that will help people everywhere to end conflict. It is time to wake up to the reality that the prophet described “Not by might, and not by power, but rather by My Spirit, says the Lord”. And again we might as well get smart and spend our money on building a peaceful global commonwealth, that focusses on healthcare and education as our top priorities. Since after all “He created the world to be a settled place”.

Thank you for listening. G-d bless. Mrs. Hannah Porat-Dahlem