I am off to Schloss Elmau in the Alps for the year

This is it. The decision has been made. After 26 years of loyal motherhood to 5 children and 26 years of volunteer residence in Jerusalem, Israel, I am taking off. My plan is to apply for a job at “Schloss Elmau” an hour out of Munich in the Bavarian Alps, where 300 staffers provide the ultimate vaction — both world class spa and world class cultural centre with 200 concerts a year all in one, under the motto: “Every staff person is a host”. That’s it. That’s what I want to do. I want to be there and join this place, one of the 360 “Leading Hotels in the World” and the only German hotel to have that distinction. I was hooked when I watched the interview with the hotel owner, Mr. Elmau who continues the tradition his grandfather started about a 100 years ago of the ultimate sanctuary hotel. The interview was done with him after he got the price of being the best hotelier in Germany.

At 53 and after only 10 years of so-called “single motherhood” to look after 5 children,their meals, their schooling, their dental appointments, their mental state, their army service, home repairs, their moves back and forth out of the home and back into it, I am giving myself the gift of a true sabbatical: I will go and work at that place, I am applying for the position of spa front desk person, they provide a small apartment and a daily shuttle bus to work and I will do exactly what all the other guests there come for: BREATHE. LIVE. BE HAPPY. ENJOY. THINK.

I will be doing things like swim in their “Infinity Rooftop Pools” at 7 a.m. in the morning. Go hiking to the different mountains on Sundays. Enjoy the musical concerts, 200 a year, in the evenings rather than sit by myself in my living room. Book people for their spa treatments treatments and get good at recommending the right treatment for each person. Absorb the beautiful environment. Get to know myself exclusively. Be unavailable on the phone for everyone, except my children, and them also only by appointment in the evenings. They are 25, 23, 22, 18 and 13. The youngest is in a boarding school here in the North. They have a father who is remarried and cares a great deal about them, so during this leave of absence they will be coming to him for the weekends. My 18 year old daughter is finishing highschool in June and going into teacher training seminary in September. I don’t want to be asked anymore by my neighbours when they are getting married. I do plan on having her come and visit me there for Hanukkah in December. Which will be great for us.

Off I go, away from Israelis and Palestinians, from heatwaves and traffic jams, from Israeli government bureaucracy and the main strip of stores and the post office in Beitar Illit, the suburb I have lived in for only 21 years. Off I go and I am happy and excited like a kid going on camping trip. I leave behind me my 5 room home, and will set up standing orders so that the mortgage, electricity, the gas, the phone/Internet and the city tax and building upkeep get paid by automatic deduction. I leave behind me my oldest son, who at 25 has come to live again at home after being a shepherd for 4 years on 3 different sheep farms, and still has not figured out what to do with himself next. He tried very hard to tell the rest of the family including me the way we need to be, and I have been with him through a challenging, but eventually fruitful process these past few 14 months.

I also leave my 23 year old who keeps on taking jobs and quitting them. I leave the 22 year old who recently went to India after working for a few months in the Ministry of Tourism here, took too many different drugs at once (LSD and Ectasy), was brought home with an Israeli medical team (Hilik Magnus Search & Rescue : will work with anyone to get them out of trouble, they did a massive job in 2006 after the Tsunami) from Goa and spent a month in an Israeli mental hospital, which he had to fight with a lawyer from Tel Aviv to get out. He at least has a plan which is to get a degree in Business Adminstration at “Machon Lev”. As bad as it sounds: I give up. Somehow raising sons to responsible adulthood here in Israel is beyond me and my capacities. They know that I love them, and that the home is always there for them. My repeated talks about choosing a profession and working on getting training for future work are falling on deaf ears of the 2 oldest ones.

So let their father deal with them, I am off, I am putting the entire “family” out of my mind, and focussing only on my getting a job, and successfully exiting from Israel at the end of June. There is a lot of things that need to get done. My plan is to leave my daughter in charge of the home, and to rent out 2 bedrooms for pay to women guests to Beitar for days, weeks or months, only prepaid. I will be fixing up my home for that purpose and get the rooms painted and the bathrooms in order. This week I am meeting with 2 social workers, so see what opportunities we can find for my 25 year old son.

I will also publish my book “The end of war forever” on Amazon eKindle by June 5th and spend the next 3 weeks giving this my 100 percent. My goal is to have this book be out there with at least one million downloads by the end of 2017, so that my message of phasing out war/warfare for good based on us humans actually listening to the Divine Command “Thou shalt not kill!” will make an impact on people’s thinking and on public policy. I have never felt better since I made the decision to go to work at the ultimate retreat hotel in the Bavarian Alps. At last something to look forward to. And something to write about as a “Series” on Medium. So now comes the real life first step: get out my application to their HR manager, that is my cover letter, a good professional picture of myself (which I can also use for my book cover), my CV and references. And then when “The end of war forever” becomes the big success that I intend it to be, including a full feature movie based on the book, I can also be one of the authors, who gets to talk to guests at “Schloss Elmau” one evening next winter. Now is my time. The children will be fine.