There Will Come Soft Rains takes place on August 4, 2026 and begins by introducing the audience to a computer controlled home that cooks, cleans, and completes the normal everyday routine of a homeowner. The story starts off at seven o’clock in the morning as the voice-clock chants “tick-tock, seven o’clock, time to get up, time to get up, seven o’clock!” The house starts a daily routine however, not in a traditional sense. At the beginning of the short story it is not noticeable that anything seems to be unusual although, it eventually becomes clear that the house lacks any form of human characteristics such as voices, noises, and presence. It appears that no one is living in the house, yet the houses automated system continues the everyday routines as if nothing has changed. The stove cooks the traditional American breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and milk. The weather box on the front of the door continues to predict the weather and clothing suggestions for the day. As I continued reading it is clear that the voice within the house is meant for someone to hear, although no one is there to listen. The author makes it known that the house is the only home remaining in the surrounding city of rubble and ashes. The house seemed to act in a secured manor asking for the password if anything approached the house, and shut the shades on the windows if a bird flew near. There is almost a perception as if the house was fearful, or hiding something. A dog approaches the house and the house recognizes the dogs voice and allows him to enter. As the story notated the dog was once “huge and fleshy” however, the dog is now “gone to bone and covered with sores.” The dogs detailed appearance allows the reader to realize that something severe has happened to not only the dog but its homeowners. The dog searches the home going from room to room of the house looking for its family to find that no one is there. Eventually the dog begins to act in a frantic sense, collapses, and dies. Of course, after the dog dies the house cleans the left over debris and moves the remains into the cellar. The house continues as usual, preparing lunch, setting the tables up for a card game, and reading nursery rhymes for children’s hour. As the house begins to get ready for sleep, the automated system asks Mrs. McClellan, “Which poem would you like this evening?” No one responds, so the computer decides and chooses a poem and begins to read it out loud. Shortly after the poem is finished the house begins to die. A fire starts and begins to destroy the entire house. The house panics and begins chanting “Fire, fire, fire!” The house is unsuccessful in saving itself and collapses to the ground. However, somehow through the rubble and destruction the house still manages to speak…. “Today is August 5, 2026…..” the house continues to repeat.

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