before it you have to know first what is airdrop
airdrop is a free token only to anyone
usually accompanied by a task
coin is given vary from 1 coin / token to sometimes 1000000 coins / tokens
its advantage is when the coin is widely owned by the person automatically coin it will spread and become have exchange rates
this is a mutual advantage between developers and users
how to get her is also quite easy
you just list then complete the task assigned task by the organizer
usually just retweet or share facebook
at this time i will share about airdrop token post
entering the 3rd round of the token post keeps delivering the quality coin
1 coin / token is priced at $ 1.2
for this 3rd round, twitter share is deleted
so the only thing left is
join telegram
youtube video post
signature for those who have accounts at bitcointalk.org
referral sharing and article

as an airdrop actor I really feel happy with what is held by POS tokens
at least I get 20–30 tokens each time the airdrop token post takes place
and it’s really great

for its complete please join airdrop token post on this link
Good luck and hopefully useful

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