What If ? 10 Tweetable Questions for Social Good

If you are like me, watching the news, listening to the radio, or even reviewing social media feeds over the past several months has become an exercise in frustration. I’ve grown tired of accepting that this is “just how it is” when it comes to politics and our interactions as a society. I think we can, and should, do much better.

In reflecting on my own weaknesses as a person, and a leader, I came up with a list of ten “what if” questions to keep myself grounded. When I read them, I replace “we”, with “I.” Feel free to share/tweet any of the statements that resonate.

What if, everyone in our world became a little less focused on self, and a little more focused on others?
What if we didn’t make so many judgements, but simply stepped up to help other human beings who are hurting?
What if our society was really committed to eradicating severe poverty, hunger, and preventable disease?
What if we committed ourselves to kindness, especially to those with whom we disagree, as well as those who don’t return our consideration?
What if we became serious about affording ALL children opportunities — for quality education, for nutrition, and for safety?
What if at least one item on everyone’s daily agenda was to do something good for someone else?
What if we committed to taking action against injustice in our world instead of just acknowledging it’s existence?
What if, as a society, we truly demanded that our leaders (in any arena) modeled respect, integrity, and decency?
What if empathy was something we consistently practiced?
What if we acknowledged the inconsistencies between our beliefs and what we actually do, and did our best to narrow the gap?

After spending some time reflecting, the challenge is to change each of these from a “What if” question to an “I will” statement. That will make the world a better place.