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Weekly Reads: August 2017

Social… wait for it… media

I just started an MS program at Arizona State University and I’ve fallen behind on posting. I’m in France for a few days and I figured with the time off I had no excuse not to post a few of my favorite links from the past few weeks.

What Is Trump Worth to Twitter? One Analyst Estimates $2 Billion

Jeran Wittenstein, Bloomberg

The title says it all, Trump is valuable to Twitter. Which begs the question, how does this affect the way that the 140-character micro-blog company carries out business? Here is an interesting look into how much social media companies rely on the dissemination of political news (I’m looking at you, covfefe).


Ben Thompson, Stratechery

The word is out, Disney is leaving Netflix… in 2019. They are starting their own streaming service and hosting solely Disney content. Ben Thompson discusses the impact of such a move and why it seems that Disney doesn’t know what it’s doing. I’m in as long as I can watch The Incredibles 2 on repeat for less than $10 a month.

SEC Is Studying Spotify’s Plan to Bypass IPO in NYSE Listing

Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg

I’ve been reading In the Plex by Steven Levy lately, a history of Google. Why it worked, how Larry Page and Sergey Brin think, and how it drove innovation post dot com era. One of the most interesting stories that Levy tells is of Google’s unique IPO in 2004. It turns out that Spotify is trying to mix things up by bypassing an IPO altogether. This would be a first for the NYSE, and I’m not sure that they’re happy about it.

Bonus: Take a break today and try your hand at playing RPS against an AI: Rock Paper Scissors Neural Net