1. Activity: #Juststart Project Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

#Just start Project

Goal: From past few months I was trying hard to write a short story (Afsana) for university magazine but can’t do so until now

I want to achieve this goal because once I was writer & editor of magazine so new editor wants me to write for him now. & also because I have a story in my mind, it will make me restless until I will note write it on paper.

I couldn’t do this because I have shortage of time. My routine was somehow tough. I was doing my internship. 8–3 office timing & then some sort of domestic challenges. It’s going to be challenging for me to manage my time. At night I had some time for it. But at that time sometimes my parents didn’t allow me to use laptop at night. I was directed to sleep on time so I can get up early in the morning. In morning, I didn’t have mood to write. I was totally helpless.

Three things I need to accomplish this goal are:

Appropriate time like 6–7 hrs when I’m alone & free and there should be no one else to disturb be or interfere in my work

2nd thing is, I have a lot of words & thoughts but unable to summarize it into a single story.

3rd thing is mood, it’s very important for a writer like me

Now I’m trying to complete my goal. I wrote some paragraphs & now my story is about to complete Inshallah

I learnt that, if have strong determination & words in my mind so I can achieve this goal by implementing on principle of success, that is #just start.

My future goals are that if I have fear in doing something, I’ll just start it, it will ultimately leads to success.

Here are some pics while i was working on my goal;

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