Children Of Papua New Guinea

The situation of Papua children is truly difficult. Despite certain improvements, especially in justice and education, huge gaps persist in terms of the protection of children’s rights.

The main problem in Papua New Guinea is


The country holds the sad record of having the highest rate of contamination by HIV/AIDS in the region. Poor access to tests, treatments, and means of prevention, and the harassment of the sick and of persons possessing contraceptives encourages the transmission of the disease. It’s dangerous because HIV/AIDS is one of the lethal disease in the world.

  • Poverty

Papua New Guinea is notoriously known as one of the poorest country. Many children in Papua New Guinea lack access in drinking water, many children are moderately or severely malnourished, and and some suffer in delay growth.

  • Education

Education is not important/mandatory in there. Because of the lack of money or family situation, many children has little access to it. Consequently many childrens are illiterate.

Papua New Guinea still have many main problem. Hope they will fix it, or maybe we can help them. Venus!