Fuku and Ice Cream

Osaka, The 7th year of the Showa period (1932). It was a merry time in Nishikado Meiko’s life. Her three children had already entered elementary school. They had grown up to be healthy and cheerful. But that wasn’t the case for her oldest daughter, Fuku. She was quiet and seemed to live in her own world. For her unique behavior, her school friend’s mother called her an outcast. At home when her brother exclaimed “Delicious~!” everytime they ate together, she just finished her meal in silent, it wasn’t sure whether she enjoyed it or not. When she was asked whether the meal was delicious, she only answered “I don’t know…” Nevertheless, Meiko tried her best to cook delicious meal three times a day for her family. One day Meiko and her three children went to town and bought ice cream. It was a homemade ice cream, made with shaking milk in a jar filled with ice and a little salt. Meiko was dazed to see Fuku’s unusual expression. “Ah, is this her favorite food?” She wasn’t like that when she ate her homemade ice cream on the other day. It was kind of sad that her daughter favored street food over her cooking.

The next day Fuku asked her mother to made homemade ice cream together out of the blue. Meiko gladly prepared the ingredients to let her children come up with their own flavor. Sugar, egg yolk, warm milk, and fresh cream. Finally their ice cream was done.

“So? Did you like yesterday’s more?”
“No”, Fuku shaked her head.
“I’m glad! If you said that you liked yesterday’s more, Mum would have been mortified!”
“Is this delicious?” asked Fuku.
“I don’t know what delicious means”
“Eh? What do you mean?” (Insert justin bieber’s song) (wkwk sorry)
“I don’t know what delicious is. Grandpa says delicious but I don’t know what it is”
“Well, what about unappetising? You haven’t had it?”, asked her brother. 
“Yesterday’s ice cream had a strange taste…”
“Maybe big sister hasn’t tried her friends’ food before?”
Fuku nodded.
“You haven’t tried switching your bento sweets with other people?”
Fuku nodded again.
“Huh… that’s what’s been happening” shouted her gradma.
“In other words, since she was born, Fuku has always eaten your food. And you’ve only given her delicious food. Because of that until now, she hasn’t had unappetising food before has she? So when other people say ‘delicious’, she hasn’t clearly known what that means”
“Is that true?” Meiko asked her daughter.
“If this is delicious, then it’s always been delicious” she answered casually.
(Recap of Gochisousan week 14 😁)

Fuku started appreciate her mother’s cooking because she hadn’t had any unappetising food before. She was a child and she originally didn’t know what delicious means.

But that isn’t the case for adults like us.

You can’t continue taking something good in your life for granted. When I was in elementary school, I wasn’t aware of how bad it was when my friend told me her parents fought in front of her and her sister. “Does other people’s parents fight too?” I didn’t know. Through high school and university, the grief it caused became more apparent. I have few friends who struggle with the same problem and overcome it with their own way. My friend from elementary school is now an aspiring doctor. She has always wrote 'doctor’ as her aspiration in her biodata. My other friends, who have similar experience, have interesting view about things and exquisite personality(?) (not sure how to explain it 😂).

Then should I have been born in a troubled family to be an inspiring person?? Ridiculous, of course not. Or should I have my parent fought each other to appreciate them more?? Of course not. Should I throw all of my possession to know what it takes to live under poverty line?? Of course not. We don’t have to experience all the hardships and problems in this world to gain something from that. We only need the ability to learn. Listen and observe your surrounding. There are so much things to learn~

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