First of all — you can play the game this post is about here. It works from browser, so you don’t have to download anything! And it takes around 5 minutes to finish it, so time investment shouldn’t be an issue as well.

Right now there is a game jam — Ludum Dare 46 — going on the internet. In time when everyone should sit at home because of quarantine (at least that’s how it is like right now in Poland), it sounds like a good idea to find a way to distract yourself from… sitting idle at home. …

My main way to spend time during travelling to work in January was reading Medium networks The Writing Cooperative and The Startup — first to find some ideas about what kind of content do I want to post on this blog to keep it interesting, and second as a way to find some new ideas for creative use of my programming skills that would bring me joy.

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Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

I learned the term ‘struggle porn’ somewhere along the way — if you are spending all the time reading about how to be successful, instead of doing anything by yourself then congratulations, you are just on some struggle porn binge on your own. Of course, by going through those articles you will probably assume that the only thing you lack is just do it approach — all of the rest is already there, right? For sure you have a great vision, huge amount of ideas about ‘what you would like to do when you finally have time for anything’, dozen of ways to perhaps make some extra cash on the side from it… But if only you had that time, right? …

Here we go again!

I am starting this year from migrating my server from old OVH VPN to the new one, and in the meantime I have decided to do some clean-up on all the data that I stored on the old one (I probably don’t have to migrate all three years of data, so why not?)

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And as a first vicim fell my WordPress instance — as during last year I have decided to migrate some of my server services to external vendors (like FastMail instead of self-hosted Postfix using iRedMail), I have decided that time has come to also say goodbye to WordPress. Bigger platform makes it easier to reach other people, have my posts displayed etc. …

On Friday I had a chance to attend .NET Developers Conference — Wroc#. I was really curious, as this was probably first conference that I participated in that had paid entrance. And first one that I attended as just an visitor, rather than someone organising it — which made me curious. After all, seeing as someone else is doing the similar event (with a rather bigger budget, but that’s just a detail in this case).

In the details you can find my remarks about the event — so if you’re interested — come on in! 🙂

Do you have a ticket?

First things first — without ticket you cannot attend the conference. Tickets were sold in two turns, and both were sold-out within first minutes, so I wasn’t able to buy any. Fortunately I was able to win permission to buy one during one of events organised by Wrocław .NET User Group. Still, it was really surprising that tickets were sold out so quickly. But as someone said to me — if it happened so fast, that means it is probably worth it. …

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As mentioned in previous post, the time has come to install proper development tools on every environment that I used. And so I had my first chance to use OpenSSH Beta on Windows.

While installation is rather simple (and does not require to reboot computer — looks like Microsoft is finally learning something from *nix Systems), for configuration there were some surprises for me. See the post details to read more about it!

How to get it?

Installation is rather simple, and as it is provided on the Microsoft official blog, I won’t describe the set-up here as well. Of course main requirement is to have Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update installed (which you should do, as not keeping your software up to date is one of the worst practices that you could do). …

After finishing last project the time has come to prepare myself for next projects. And for that, I had to setup development tools and environments. Shouldn’t take too long right? Unless… There are more than two of them.

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In this post there are mostly my reflections on working on .NET/JS project using Windows and Linux operating systems simultaneously and how to select good IDE and VCS for that kind of set-up.

The more the merier?

As for me, I am currently using four different development setups — two on notebooks (one with Win10/Fedora GNU/Linux combination, second with only Fedora) and two PCs (Win10/Fedora & only Win10 this time). As most of my projects are mostly .NET focused that would imply that on one notebook I cannot do any of my projects. Fortunately .NET …

Finally some time passed since I had finished my 2nd degree college, and now it’s time to go back to writing some private projects. Back to ASP.NET Core we go!

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As first one I decided to review once again ASP.NET Core, with SignalR Core and Azure hosting platform, to be more ‘up to date’ with latest Microsoft solutions.

Code is available on GitHub, and currently(this commit) is based on version that I had used during deployment of this project — as it was used in real-world use case during last weekend Kawaii Time event in Wrocław. …

In October one of my lecturers from college warned us that the current semester will be the worst of all that we have faced during our education. Sylabus for it had three projects related to Artificial Intelligence, and one course with only implementation tasks for some machine learning algorithms. Well, as long as you plan your time, nothing should go wrong… You just have to make sure that all deadlines has been meet… Right?

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Expectations vs Reality

As it turned out it wasn’t that easy as it sounded at first. Working full-time job with college is definitely a pain in the ass, and keeps you occupied for almost whole day, and even part of a night. When I finally had some time for myself I only wanted to rest and let my brain ‘turn off’ for a moment. And all the time I promised myself, that only about two more days and I will have some time for myself to relax. …

Before I’ll start writing about Project Rider, I would like to invite everyone to my lecture during 13th Linux Session, taking place between 2nd and 3rd of April 2016 at Wrocław University of Technology. I will be speaking about ASP.Net Core and how I think it will change Linux web-developer scene in a future. The lecture will be in polish.

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As a week passed and I had some time to work on new Jetbrains Tool — Project Rider. I would like to share my thoughts about it with you guys.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting revolution — I already had experience with previous JetBrains Product, mostly with PyCharm and RubyMine (thanks to my student license it is much easier to use those tools for my college assigments). And I had received another awesome IDE based on the same engine, and it works really well. And it works on my Fedora, and works fasts — which will always be a advantage over Visual Studio. …

So, just a few days ago I installed ASP.Net Core using their tutorial for CoreOS 7 under Fedora. Good news — it works without any further issues (maybe except for the fact, that they forgotten to mention adding source ~/.dnx/dnvm/ to bash_profile). It went really smoothly, and I could even create new Visual Studio project using VS Code tutorial for creating projects, and it was working out-of box as well (using Yeoman for creating new ASP.Net projects is somehow weird solution in my opinion, but at least it works without any issues).

Running it out-of-box under Linux was also working fine. There weren’t any issues with running that code under Visual Studio 2015 later as well. Unfortunatelly it didn’t work the other way — project created in VS 2015 was not working under Linux, but maybe it will be resolved when I update DNVM under Windows. …


Michał Smyk

.NET Software developer from Poland.

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