Task analysis mapping on basic tasks

This is my approach on exercise during study in UX Academy.

You never think of basic things in your life as the one that should’ve been thoroughly analyzed. But this is what I’m planning on using from now on in my life.

Simple task: You live with your roommates in a rented flat. You need/wish to change the wall. Its either kind of paint oa wallpaper you can’t handle or simply dirt stains on the walls. Where you take money? How to get to a process through room mates. Step by step. And do the job.

Even to do it in sketches I had to do a sketch for the sketch, but anyway in planning things out you need to do it the comfortable way. I firstly dreated lists of what would I do in each scenario separetely from context. How’d I painted the room? What’s the sequence? How would I come up to a process of chosing a paint keeping in mind I want to control the process not doing it for the fluorescent green room of my nightmares. Keeping in mind mentioned obstacles and my goals.

As you can see in the right bottom corner is the zero step I forgot at first. But seems that the process itself helps to feel all the gaps along the way.

Ofcourse I couldn’t not to try to get a money from the land lords my head went far in that in that thought. I thought that I’d firstly say that my room mates decided that this is to messy place and they want to move out. But I thought guys we need to just paint the place and there’s no need to leave such a good location wise place. So could you help me to motivae them more by helping me out with material. We’ll do the work ourselves.

When you starting a talk you need to know in and out if you care. So I decided I need to find prices for the stuff we need and places to get range of prices to chose from. But someone already found my first mistake — that should’ve been a first step after that zero step. How can I talk to Landlord if I don’t now the prices to name the whole sum? Anyway choosing anything is still a subconscious process. So many surveys crash when they clearly give me choices I can see myself suit in.

So I’d give them range of choices and a link to a whole pallete to chose for themsleves. No one would go there, well, they didn’t come up with the whole idea, but If I didn’t gave them this choice they would’ve insisted. Yes, could be otherwise but probability is low.

Here’s missing a point where you should protect you lungs and eyes with something.

Here I showed that I actually now how to do it. I wasn’t going with direction on chosing other people to do it, because task seemed to pointing out that it should be a cheap and overall DIY process. I didn’t try to describe here some of the comunicational problems that might’ve appeared and probable come-outs, and how to handle them.

This task gave me knowledge of how to approach things that some how slip out because of seemingness of how simple they are.

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