These 2 Words Will Change Your Life Forever

Certain words have tremendous impact on how you think and feel — positively or negatively.

The way you think of a problem determines your attitude or approach in life. Here are two words that you can use to change your attitude and approach to any difficulties you faced.


Change the word problem to challenge. Problem is a negative word that triggers feeling of fear and anxiety. Challenge is a positive word. When you think of challenge, you think of something that you arise to, something that bring the best in you and others.

Instead of saying we have a problem, you need to say “wow, we have an interesting challenge facing us today.”

“Challenges are what make life exciting and worth living.”

By rising to the challenges of day to day life, you will use more of your true potential.


Perhaps the best word of all is opportunity. Instead of saying we have a problem, you can say “we have an unexpected opportunity”. Napoleon Hill was famous for saying,

”Every problem or difficulty you faced, contains the seed of an equal or greater advantage or benefit”
~ Napoleon Hill

Your job is to find the benefit. Look for the good in every situation and this way of approaching problem is determined by your attitude. The attitude of looking for the good in every situation, looking for the advantage or benefit in any problem or difficulty is the way that most successful people think most of the time.

Superior people, leaders in all areas faced the inevitable ups and downs in daily lives on the way to their destination but they took complete control of their thinking and emotion. They do this by choosing the words they use to describe a situation, their tone of voice and their behaviour in dealing with problems.

A mark of maturity, a vital quality on the road to success, happiness and balance in life is expecting problems and difficulties as normal, natural and unavoidable parts of life. You can never avoid them. They come like the wave of the ocean — it never stops. Becoming a superior person requires accepting that when you set to achieve a big, exciting goals, you will experience unexpected turbulence.

One of the marks of leaders is they don’t like to fail but they know that they are going to fail over and over again on the road to success. Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM was once asked by a young journalist on how he can be more successful faster and he said,

If you want to be more successful faster, you must double your failure rate.” ~ Thomas J. Watson

Success lies on the far side of failure. And the way that you succeed, fail, fail and succeed is learn through experience. Look for the good in every situation.

Reframe your mind to see every problem as a Challenge or Opportunity to keep your mind positive and creative as you work your way through life. It will definitely change your life as it changes mine.

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