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According to one report, Phoenix ranks sixth in the world for burglaries.

Whether you believe this report or not, one thing is for sure the crime rate has gone up over the years in Phoenix. A US News report has found that the city’s crime rate is higher than the national average.

And those incidents are likely to happen when they are least expected.

So you shouldn’t take a chance with the safety of your house and family.

One of the most obvious entrance points for burglars trying to enter your house is your front door. And a weak, rotten, and old front house door is nothing but a low-hanging fruit for these bad actors.

Here we will discuss the things to make your front house door burglary-proof.

Consider Installing a New Solid Core Door:

Many older homes have wooden doors that may be deteriorating or splitting, making them vulnerable to damage from forceful kicks or pushes.

Hollow-core doors, designed primarily for indoor use, are not suitable for exterior entryways, and older doors with large glass panels can also pose security risks. If you’ve assessed your front door and determined it’s time for a replacement, explore the available options in the market.

There’s a wide variety of styles when it comes to security doors, making it easy to find one that matches the overall aesthetic of your home. Keep in mind that doors aren’t always a standard size, so be sure to measure carefully before selecting a replacement to ensure it fits correctly.

For enhanced security, look for doors with a solid core made of materials like wood, steel, or fiberglass with a wooden core.

Steel security doors are among the toughest options available and are highly resistant to tampering. Solid wood and fiberglass doors also offer good security.

While some security doors feature decorative glass elements, you’re unlikely to find ones with large glass panels, as these are vulnerable to break-ins.

Upgrade Your Worn-Out Door Lock

Every front door requires a reliable lock, and there’s a vast array of options to choose from. It’s essential to be well-informed about your choices, especially if your current door lock is showing signs of rust, wear, or damage. When considering a more secure door lock, keep these options in mind:

  • Five-Lever Mortice Lock: This is a standard door lock that meets the requirements of most home insurance policies. It’s also one of the most commonly used types of locks. The security level increases with the number of levers in the lock, making it harder for intruders to break in.
  • Multi-Point Locking System: Multi-point locking systems feature three locking points and are installed inside the door. They are operated using a handle and key, offering one of the highest levels of security for a front door.
  • Night Latch: While a night latch can enhance security, it’s advisable to use it in conjunction with other locks from the list. These locks are mounted on the front door and are less secure when used alone.
  • Deadbolt Lock: Deadbolt locks require a key or thumb to be turned to open and provide excellent security. They cannot be easily forced open with tools like knife blades or credit cards. Deadbolt locks are best suited for wooden, steel, or fiberglass doors. Using a deadbolt lock on a hollow core door may compromise its security.
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Get Your Lock Rekeyed If You Move to New Property:

Moving into a new home is a nice feeling unless you realize that the past tenants or residents might have a copy of your front door key. Or sometimes the key is missing. In such a scenario, make sure to call an AZ locksmith Services to get your front door lock rekeyed.

In rekeying, a locksmith changes the mechanism of your lock so that old keys no longer fit into it and creates a new key for you.

Install a Peephole:

Although it might not be that useful when you are not around, having a peephole installed in your door will let you see who is at the door. This way, you can make an informed decision whether to open the door. Potential scammers and burglars tend to avoid the doors with a peephole installed. Peepholes are available in many finishes and styles to match your door.

Get a Door Chain Installed:

Peephole has its limitations such as not providing clear view in low light conditions or giving blurred images due to scratches on its surface over time. To make up for those limitations, you can have a door chain installed on your front door. A door chain helps you restrict the intruder outside who can push you past otherwise to gain access as you open the door. A door chain restricts the entry of strangers to your house while letting you engage whoever is outside.

Invest in a Video Doorbell System:

To take your home security to the next level, you can install video doorbells. These are smart doorbells that are equipped with a built-in camera.

Best thing? You can respond to your doorbell remotely when you are not at home. Even you can provide the visitors keyless entry access in your absence.

Reinforce the Hinges:

Hinges are a hidden yet important part to reinforce the security of your front door. If they are weak, then a burglar needs a few blows to remove the door. Therefore, consider adding the hinge blots. Make sure to place them above or under the hinges.

You have several options to protect hinges, including the installation of stud hinges, piano hinges, and non-removal pin hinges.

Changes Your Door Screws:

Changing the screws in your strike plate is one low-cost and easy approach to increase the security of your property.

Your door is held shut by strike plates, the metal plate to which the doorknob latch connects when closed.

Unfortunately, strike plates on far too many front doors only use 3/4-inch screws, which is lousy for deterring criminals.

These screws are so thin that all it takes to remove the strike plate and open the door is a shove. When a door is kicked, the strike plate is usually given first.

You should thus install 3-inch ones. This will make it much harder to damage the strike plate.

So, these are some tips to secure your front door. Make it strong and burglary-proof. Because it is better to be safe than sorry.

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