My Experience Palying GTA Games

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure video game created by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) and published by Rockstar Games. This game allows players to take on the role of a villain who can roam freely around the big city. The various missions set for completion, such as bank robberies, murders, and other crimes. This is the first in the Grand Theft Auto series that spans ten games, and four expansion packs. The game was originally intended to be named “Race N Chase”.
Free to do whatever he wants. Players can earn points by making death and destruction in the middle of city traffic, or stealing and selling cars to make a profit, though to achieve a large target amount of money to complete the level, players will usually choose to complete missions that will get them one multiplier for each success and lose one for each failure.
My experience playing GTA started from GTA San Andreas. GTA San Andreas is the best open world game for me. The game is set in the fictional State of San Andreas, which has three metropolitan cities. Set at the end of 1992, San Andreas revolves around a gang member named CJ Johnson who returns home from Liberty City to Los Santos after learning of his mother’s death. CJ discovers that his old friend and his family are falling apart. Through the storyline of the game, CJ slowly unpacks the plot behind his mother’s murder while developing his business venture. Like games in other series, San Andreas consists of driving game elements and third-shooter person, and features a “world-open” gameplay that gives players more freedom to play. This game adds some features, such as car modification, and personalization of characters, such as hairstyles, tattoos, etc.

When I started playing GTA San Andreas this time for me graphics are very good enough. Over time, GTA launched many new series and until now there are GTA V and GTA VI. In terms of graphics this game has changed very much, the graphics become softer as the real world. The story of this game follows the development of technology, many stories and missions in this game using advanced technologies. To play this game required a good computer spec from VGA, RAM, and processor becomes an important part to be able to play this game.
This GTA game has a quite difficult rival that is Watch Dogs game that comes from ubisoft. In terms of game graphics watch dogs are superior to GTA, but GTA is more mission than Watch Dogs. Each game must have its own advantages and disadvantages so everyone has their own opinions when playing games.

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