When thinking about true drivers of success in life I’ve realized much of it comes from my willingness and ability to be vulnerable.

With the knowledge that we are all human and share similar dilemmas, desires, and disappointments I’m able to quickly share my personal thoughts, experiences, and aspirations with reckless abandonment for how I’m being perceived in that moment.

It’s been my experience that the positive side greatly outweighs any negative repercussions of embarrassment and/or being taken advantage of (not great when buying a used car).

Vulnerability has served me well in varies sales and management positions and is a practice I encourage for sales and relationship building roles not to mention overall personal development.


Without knowing what it was EQ has always been a strong driver to my success in business and personal endeavors.

I’m naturally drawn to the psychology of this type of self-awareness and the power it provides in dealing with many of life’s challenges. As a leader I’m able to call on my powers of empathy, listening, and compassion to hire the right people and build cohesive effective teams.

A strong EQ can catapult a team’s personal and professional growth individually and collectively, so I highly recommend team members spend time defining and cultivating this muscle (attitude is altitude -Zig Ziglar).

Positive Focus:

My approach to optimism is based on an open mind and true love for life’s daily wonders and adventures.

I have seen poverty and adversity so have little patience for negativity and self-loathing in this world full of opportunities and prosperity.

I coach with intent on big picture perspective. #firstworldproblems


Vision separates work from passion. Vision provides direction, hope, and intent.

With a team I continually give excitement to the current vision and feel it’s important to share and extract thoughts on all possibilities via in-depth conversations.

This allows the team to dream big, envision themselves in a position of power, and unifies everyone toward a common goal.

With this open dialogue and empowerment, innovative ideas have a place to play and be heard.

Clear Expectations:

Leaders need to set clear expectations early and often. I’m self aware that my laid back demeanor and style of personal interaction creates a calm environment full of openness and ownership.

To alpha personalities this may seem laissez faire and grit deficient. If this perception goes unchecked it will lead to lack of respect and sub-par engagement of explicit tasks.

In an attempt to avoid any question of work ethic and vision I consistently set expectations, reiterate “the big picture plan”, and question any lack of trust with open feedback.


When done right, accountability will be a core value of any team. Becoming ingrained daily by setting realistic short term goals and celebrating the many insights failure provides.

Not only does this diminish fear driven procrastination, it naturally creates an atmosphere of quick iteration and teamwork.


Intentionally practicing the skill of multiplying is the cornerstone of growth, openness, and strong relationships. I continue to learn and build on this skill and encourage my teams to engage with each other in the same manner.