Manual Intervention in Visual Studio Team Services allows you to pause an active release, typically to perform some manual steps or actions, and then resume the automated release steps. Unlike other tasks it does not perform any deployment actions directly.

The Manual Intervention task does not execute on, or require, an agent. The task can be added to a release definition by adding a Server Phase to the release definition.

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Manual intervention is useful in the following scenarios:

(a) When deploying to an Azure website, you want to first deploy to the Staging slot, check the app manually, and then swap the slots. …

With new technologies like Docker, Azure Service Fabric, AWS lambda the way we architect applications and setup continuous integration is changing fast. There are companies like who are already using serverless architecture for their product development. Last week Martin Fowler wrote a good blog post on this topic as well.

It is time to take a step back from Azure VMs, AWS EC2 instances and explore this new trend in a bit more detail.


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