Nobody’s howling; they’re attempting to engage you with reasoned arguments.
Paul James

It seems that you’re the one who’s blinded by confirmation bias. The left is eating itself alive trying to combat an old right-wing that has been dead for many years. You are essentially playing with dinosaurs, whilst we are memeing people into the highest office of power politically obtainable. The left is so consumed by righteousness that it forgets all that accompanies it, such as morality and tolerance, despite those two issues supposedly being the very center of progressive politics. You decry the current economic system, blaming some kind of obscure figure (elites? successful straight white men? the patriarchy?), and yet your only alternative is a broken system that pretends to pay those who pretend to work (or otherwise equally fantastical). The entire left, bound by their arrogance, regardless of ideology, is so repulsively unattractive to the common public, that they actually elected an ABSOLUTE MADMAN into office. Face it, your vision will remain that, and will never leave any impression on reality, and certainly not history. Why I even spend the time writing this comment is beyond me, as you are so hilariously zealous, to the point that you have become irrelevant in the public eye, no different from the KKK or BLM’s.

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