General Overview of Hxro (HXRO)

Azra Tekinsoy
Jan 28 · 4 min read

What is Hxro?

Hxro is a crypto gaming platform that blends crypto trading with skill-based social gaming.

Established by financial industry veterans and co-founders Dan Gunsberg, Rob Levy, Danny Johnson, Lawrence Richardson II, and Greg Zanotti in 2018, Hxro offers a new kind of game that pits players against each other in contests of varying duration where they test their skills in the all-action crypto markets.

Hxro introduces a new style to free-to-play and fixed entry fee games. Players of the fixed entry fee games can make microstakes of as little as 10 HXRO tokens per event or higher.

Hxro Games


While in the crypto trading markets, the question asked is “higher or lower?”, with Hxro, the question is “Moon or Rekt?”.

Players of the MoonRekt games use their intuition and skill to identify the movement of a particular cryptocurrency within a given time frame. Games occur with pre-defined lengths of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, etc. running continuously throughout the year. Players can choose whether the crypto will moon (go higher) or get Rekt (go lower) within the time period of the game.

How does the game work?

MoonRekt provides a total user-experience that embraces crypto culture full-on. It’s wholly geared towards crypto price movement and mass psychology.

One important concept in the game is “the ratio”. This refers to how the platform allows players to see the HXRO that goes into the pool when players go to bet on a card just before their wager goes live. The caveat is that they can’t see the side people are betting on.

Having said that, users can see the number of people that bet on each side on all the prior cards. So, if BTC was getting REKT for the last three cards, it is a safe bet that the crowd will favor REKT for the current card.

However, winnings will be less on the side with more HXRO being waged, which is the safe side. This is always true when betting the favorite, whether on Bitcoin or horse racing. Users can win seven out of ten, but if they are only getting 1.2 times, they will still lose.

Another level that develops in the game is BTC swings for sustained periods. When more BTC goes in one direction for a long period, it is more likely that people will begin to take the other side, chase the long-shot odds, and make a big win.

Other players may stick with the trend since they know the other side will continue to grow with a longer streak, marginally increasing the safe-side bet.

Players can make more educated guesses by reading or engaging in the trollbox on the site as well as joining their beta Telegram channel. Players can potentially move bets in the direction they want.

HXRO Token Information

HXRO denotes the Hxro token. It is an Ethereum blockchain issued ERC-20 token and is used on the platform for many things, such as paying entry fees to games and payouts. From HXRO winnings, plays and balances, players can unlock achievements and statuses.

There is a maximum of 1.5 billion HXRO tokens, from which 325 million are locked up indefinitely. Only about 52 million are in circulation at the moment.

With time, the Hrxo team sees the website going beyond a game, becoming a full-on product that large investors can use as part of their real strategy.

Hxro had a $500,000 pre-seed round in 2018 which was to fund development. They raised a $2 million equity round in 2019, after selling another $500,000. Hxro did not do an initial coin offering, but did a small token pre-sale for $250,000. On their site, the company sells tokens to users and takes a small cut from each card.

Hxro currently trades on Bitrex and Idex.

Hxro has another game it plans to release soon called “MUHBAGS,” which will be fantasy related, but mostly for altcoins.

Depositing and Withdrawing HXRO

Depositing HXRO

l In the Hxro account of every user is a unique Ethereum address. This address is where users can deposit HXRO tokens to their game wallet. It can be reached on the account settings tab. Once Hxro confirms the transaction over the Ethereum network, the deposit is then credited to the user’s account.

l Users can decide to deposit ETH, which will be converted automatically to HXRO tokens that end up in their game wallet.

Withdrawing HXRO

l Users can make withdrawals of HXRO tokens from their wallets every day. To do this, users should visit their account settings and go to the withdrawal page. From there, just input the ETH wallet address of the account you want to send your HXRO tokens to as well as the amount you would like to withdraw.

l Any HXRO that was received through a HXRO or ETH deposit can be immediately withdrawn, while HXRO received through promotions require that you take other necessary actions for them to be available for withdrawal.

l Users can only withdraw about $1000 worth of HXRO tokens with a 24-hour period before more verification is required.

l Daily withdrawals are batched for security reasons.

For news and updates stay tuned by following their official social media pages;

Official Website:

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