“Increasing the intelligence of a network tends to decrease the intelligence of those connected to it”

This statement is describing how our generation and future generations are becoming. As we as a society develop, we feel the need to make the network better. We feel that we would not progress as a society if we didn’t . However, if we allow networks to do so, we would be unable to do them on our own.If one day the network had an unordinary malfunction, would not know how to take it upon ourselves to do those things. For example,when was the last time you used an actual map to find out the location of a place. We’re so used to gps helping us navigate a place, that we wouldn’t know how to use an actual hard copy of a map. Not only this but the minds of young ones are limited because they are getting the shortcut of using calculators. Instead of just solving it on their own,they have to rely on calculators.

This video summarizes what I was saying.Nicholas Carr basically says that we have the ability to access quick information from the Internet, however, always having access to the Internet prevents us from going in depth on our own thinking.

Is it okay for us to only have access to the Internet for certain situations or should we as humans know when we have used enough of the Internet?