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What needs to be done is for someone with access to all the ‘numbers’ needs to sit down and compute actual costs of all this extra security and all the extra travel expenses…. don’t hit people with suppositions — hit them with FACTS. How can one dispute the facts? People SHOULD be up in arms — ALL PEOPLE — even the staunchest trump supporters — IF these figures are accurate. Hit the people with the truth… if they still insist on calling it ‘fake n ews’ then I’d have to say there is no hope for these people. If you show me true and accurate figures as it pertains to costs/expenses then I will be appropriately appalled and upset no matter which candidate it pertains to. I keep an open mind — I am not blind-sided by Party loyalty at any cost — I seek the truth and only the truth and demand from BOTH Parties that they spend my tax dollars wisely and that they do not use my hard-earned tax dollars to help to continue to line their already bulging pockets.

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