What Are You Doing Medium?
Alex Valaitis

I did not know about multiple claps per.

One thing that troubles me is that there is no way to provide negative feedback. I believe it is important to know if people do not like what you posted. If 1,000 people read an article and it has 200 people who clapped, where those other 800 indifferent to the article, too lazy to click on the applause, or did not like it. Sure people can, if allowed, provide feedback (like I am here) but that does not mean that they liked or disliked the article. I have given feedback to many articles. Even when the feedback may have been more on the “negative” side, that does not mean I did not like the whole article.

I am with you, there should be a more objective way to judge an article.

I would love to see a scale/range that may be look like a slider that starts off at -5 and ends at +50. They could also do a “Facebook” style, with different icons.

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