Thanks for taking the time to write in more depth, and I’m happy to give you some more context.
Jamie Talbot

I read Medium daily. Up until today I did not know you can give multiple claps per article.

I also find that it is valuable to hear everyone’s opinion.

If a person does not like an article, there is nothing they can do to voice that opinion in the applause (unless I give it one clap where I normally give articles 20).

There are days I am busier than others or I get distracted with work. Maybe those days I may give 5 claps to something where I would normally give 20. From what you said, those articles would be less valuable to me when that may be far from the truth.

Giving applause should be easier and more consistent. I should be able to click on one button (or slider) and give applause consistent to: I hate the article, I do not like, I like, I love and That is out of this world.

Thanks for listening

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