I watched the first 34 minutes of Tucker Carlson last night.
DJ Waldow

Second, listen to understand … not simply to respond.”

Yes, that is tough for many.

I see that you had a tough time while watching the show.

If this is what Tucker said:

Tucker says this … California is “far poorer than it was when I grew up there and there is only one reason: Immigration.”

Responding with:

FACT CHECK: California has one of the largest economies in the world.

is irrelevant.

California’s budget deficit is back, Gov. Jerry Brown says — LA Times

California’s Total State and Local Debt Totals $1.3 Trillion

A country, state, or individual can make more money and still be further in debt.

And here you have another “blind-side”.

“ I listen to MSNBC and CNN and NPR … for the most part. I read the New York Times and The Washington Post. Do they have their own biases? Certainly. But I find these media companies tend to focus more on facts than opinion.”

You statement is far from accurate. Listen to some of the adjectives the hosts use when presenting facts. The adjectives they use bias the stories.

I have also caught each of your sources stating only partial facts, partial quotes or re-arraigned quotes. And this is most of the time I read or listen to any segment.

I use to also love CNN and NPR for their “middle-of-the-road reporting”. If you actually listen to what they report or how they report it, you too would see how horrible they are.

Anderson led with Trump’s bold face lies.

Did you watch the same clip you posted?

Cooper, “President Clinton’s FEMA director gave him a A+ grade on Puerto Rico, He didn’t”

The WaPo reported that “ former FEMA director James Lee Witt told me he’d give the Trump administration an A-plus for how it’s responding to all the hurricanes’ aftermath — including in Puerto Rico.”

Because Cooper reports something as false, does not make it so.

While I do agree that Carlson does take a different and sometimes disingenuous tact, his points can be quite valid. In this Cooper and Carlson are quite similar.

Maybe if you took your blinders off, you would see that Carlson should get the same respect as Cooper.

I am interested in yours and dad’s project. The key to understanding is to actually do the leg-work. As an example, take the Cooper video you linked to. Go through the video and find all of the places where Cooper was misleading, wrong or lied. Your father should do the same with Carlson.

You will surprise yourself, if done honestly, how dishonest the media truly is.

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