You forgot the question from the reporter at the beginning.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

“ You forgot the question from the reporter at the beginning” — Thank You. I read it, did not hear it in the video (garbled). Though this helps make my point.

What was the response? A vague/generic answer, followed up with him making the subject “build a wall” followed by (though NOT exactly) Trump saying “Oh, I would certainly implement that” apparently, in reference to the wall (what he was talking about). What the question/statement was before is not distinguishable. Assuming the author is correct, “But that’s something your White House would like to implement?” is easily attached to Trump’s statement of “we have to have a wall” (which the partisan/brainwashed author conveniently leaves out). All words are important along with the environment and context.

You are trusting the author, far too much, to deliver accurate information. Which makes you a “hater” or lazy to find out the truth. You, like other “haters” of Trump, hear him say things that are not there and definitely would not “pass muster” in court.

“ YOU on the other hand, appear to be a Trump fan” — not really, though as our President I am pulling for him, just like I did for Pres. Obama, Pres. Bush…. to do what is best for the country’s success in decades/centuries to come. I can and have been critical of Trump also (as I was in my response to you).

I am a fan of Nixon, he got US out of Vietnam, after being left a mess by Pres. JFK, Johnson. I had many friends/relatives who went to Vietnam and it was just not somewhere we needed to stay.

Though glad he resigned after his part (cover-up,…) of the “criminal acts”.