Fact: Trump has ceded Syria to Russia. He dropped one bomb and went away, leaving Assad in power.

You presented many opinionated-facts

“ Trump has ceded Syria to Russia” — Syria should be a Russia, Saudi, Turkey, Israel issue.

“ but the economy is doing no better than under Obama” — subjective, not fact

“ The tax cut that is proposed will strongly favor the rich…” — good parroting though far from factual. There are many proposals.

Our health insurance system was already destabilized and a horrible way to provide health care to the masses.


United States GDP Growth Rate — the latest quarter had the highest growth rate since Jan 2015 and exceeded expectation

Dow Jones Industrial Average is at its highest point

Nasdaq is at its highest point

Unemployment is near/at as low as it can go.

Labor Force Participation Rate is at or near its 10 year lows. This needs major improvements.

Another fact, your hate is blinding you to fact.

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