Dear Tinder: Thank You for Everything

Thank you for everything, Erin. I just started using the apps again after a hiatus and went on what I thought was a really good date, with a beautiful, interesting girl. I was very hopeful for a second date, as we had been talking quite a bit, until this morning, when I got up for work at 4am and took my phone off of airplane mode to see a text from her. It read something along the lines of “I’m really sorry to do this, but I’m really just getting a friend vibe. I really shouldn’t be sharing everything on my mind and we’re texting and talking so casually, which is not OK.” As confusing as this was to me, I know I should be relieved, because, for me, a relationship should be all of that and I get to use this as another learning experience. I’m getting kind of tired of learning experiences, but it’s always been said that nothing worth doing or having in life is easy. Life is beautiful and we’re shown this in many ways; I’m sure this is just one of those that I haven’t gotten enough distance from. Like looking down at the dirt on a mountain path: you really can’t see the view.

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