Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

John Biggs laments the going-extinct situation with coal. Yes, coal did provide jobs. But it also screwed up the air we breath. To ignore that fact would eventually make our country like China, with unbreathable air and very bad health problems. No, it isn’t World War II-style weapons that are the threat. It’s guns far more advanced than those, with greater and faster killing power. Our decision to let gun lovers have weaponry that far exceeds the killing power of anything available in the Founder’s day was our gift to them, perhaps a very foolish gift. But we have become accustomed to just letting the Right have its way.

I don’t much worry about people in this country speaking languages I don’t understand. I have no need to communicate with everybody I pass on the street. John precedes the name “Hillary” with “crooked”. So he has bought into Republican propaganda hook, line and sinker ! I could go on, but this is too long already. Enough !

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