A social change that can address to a moral change

How can we think that we can move to a happier, peaceful place if we keep shutting down girls and women? How can we think that we can move forward to a more equal world shutting down more than half of our population? It is unacceptable that we are having this conversation in 2016, but we certainly cannot keep ignoring this problem. Using only half of our resources not only hold us back from progress as a society but it is prohibiting an economic impact as well. We need to stop seeing gender equality as a win-lose game and we need to start seeing it as a win-win game for everyone.

The central moral challenge of this century is definitely gender equality as it was slavery in the 19th century and totalitarianism in 20th century. Seeing women as a part of the solution and not as a part of the problem is the best way to fight the issues of this era such as poverty and terrorism. Why? Because what we share is much more powerful that what divides us, in any aspect, and if we keep setting aside half of our population we absolutely cannot progress as a society. In fact, everyone must be listened, no matter their gender, age, religion or race. And we need to make their voices be heard. It is an urgency to create a more tolerant world. If not, more and more people will continue dying.

Bringing women into the labour force, investing in girls education, creating opportunities where there don’t exist is the key of progress in the developing world. An educated population not only gives us more brains to combat poverty or terrorism, but it also helps to fight overpopulation. An educated girl tends to get married later in life, she tends to have children later in life as well as she tends to have fewer kids, and those kids she haves, she educates them in a more enlightened way. Those educated kids will do the same to their future kids too, so we keep moving into a virtuous cycle instead of a vicious one.

In addition, we cannot fully empower girls if we don’t engage boys on this cause. Everyone must be engaged. Everyone must understand that every opinion is equally valid, that our external physical appearance doesn’t matter all, that our behavior is what is important.

All in all, we don’t have to be afraid of being the first ones to make steps into a better place to live. People will follow us. Change is possible. And it is not an utopian idea to think that it all starts with small things, because it does. Everyone can help. As Edmund Burke once said, ‘’The only thing necessary for the triumph of the evil is for good men to do nothing’’.